Top Features for Restaurant Apps

Restaurants are now investing in apps for better customer experience, increase in sales and customer loyalty along with reducing manual labour. As of last year, Starbucks has made $5.7 billion dollars in sales last quarter and 30% of those are accredited to their app according to GeekWire. That is a huge increase of their sales that has been accounted for through their online payment system within the app. A customized app allows  you to pick which features to include into your app according to the needs of your business and your customers. Even though each restaurant and business has its own set of needs and requirements, there are some features that are universal and an absolute must when it comes to restaurant apps.

Although it’s not visible to end customers, the integration with a POS system is a must-have for a restaurant app. Without it, the staff has to spend a lot of time putting in orders into their POS system which is costly and inefficient. Integration of a POS system allows for easy transactions within the app.


No app is complete if you don’t offer any sort of incentive to the customer for downloading and continuously using your app. Think of this as a way to attain customers and also to retain customers.

Providing them with online coupons or special discounts on purchase encourages them to use your app more frequently which in turn means more orders your way and more profit for your business.  Providing offers and promos through your app puts you ahead of your competition and also increases loyalty to your brand. If someone can order five pizzas from you over time and get $10 off, they’re more likely to order the five pizzas from your restaurant instead of others around you.


A huge factor for app usage is the ability to stay connected. With multiple features that help to increase connectivity, the best one is to include push notifications. Push notifications are notifications that a person receives from your app if they have downloaded it. The notifications can range from seasonal discounts to any other news you’d want your customers to know about through the app. It  is similar to the notifications you would receive from Facebook on your phone if your friend tags you in a post.


Including in-app payments allows customers to view promos and discounts and encourages them to make a decision quickly without being able to search for competitors. It also makes for a smooth user experience. 

Having the ability to view the menu and make an order directly through the app saves time for the customer and saves time for the restaurant as well. 

Some other features to consider are:

  • Location finder
  • Specific loyalty programs including birthday specials
  • Product tracking

As highlighted above, there are endless ways of customizing an app for your restaurant. In order to create an app that is fully catered to your needs, it is important to consider which features can be implemented and will be useful.

With a monthly flat-rate subscription fee, Craver allows you to invest in a cost-effective and customized app for your restaurant. Contact us if you want to learn more about how Craver can help!